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Dr. Alfonso Martínez Nova and Dr. Fran Monzó lead a team with more than 30 years of experience in the field of biomechanics and podiatric research.

A great love – and vocation – for sport has led them to design a sock that combines science and experience in running.

In this video they explain how they have made it possible.

Dr. Fran Monzó

Expert in biomechanical podiatry, clinical sports pathologies and lower limb pathologies and orthopedics. He has completed his specialized training at the Complutense University of Madrid, the European University of Madrid and the Miguel Hernández University.

During his career, he has combined teaching at universities such as Miguel Hernández and UCAM, with his entrepreneurial spirit that has led him to found the companies Perpedes Tecnoinsole Engineering and Fixtoe Company, both with the aim of improving podiatric health standards during sports activities.

The result of this vocation are the patents for the orthopedic device Fixtoe® designed for the treatment of metatarsal pain and the biomechanical socks Podoks® destined to revolutionize the world of running… and much more.

Dr. Alfonso Martínez

With a diploma and master’s degree in surgical podiatry from the University of Barcelona and a degree from the CESPU CRL in Portugal, he is one of the leading podiatric researchers in the field of technical footwear, with over fifty articles published in major scientific journals.

His contributions focus on two main lines of research: the biomechanics of human gait- electronic baropodometry and the analysis of podiatric variables with the use of functional socks. The results of this research have enabled him to establish the scientific foundations of Podoks.

As such, his scientific vocation converges with his sports vocation, testing his research, on his own feet, in up to 8 marathons and other tests of proven toughness such as the Ethiotrail of Abijatta-Shala (Ethiopia) and the Desert Run.

1st clinical case

Without Podoks – Dynamic baropodometry with the patient’s own socks. Hyperpressure in the first toe and slight hyperpressure in the first metatarsal head of the left foot.

With Podoks -Baropodometry with Podoks shows reduction of pressures under the first toe and first metatarsal head, harmonizing plantar support.

2nd clinical case

Without Podoks -Plantar pressure in the left foot wearing his own socks. Patient with hyperpressure in the first metatarsal head associated with mild hyperkeratosis under the metatarsal head.

With Podoks -The same patient with Podoks. A normalization of the forefoot support pattern is observed, as well as a separation of the first toe from the second, improving its biomechanical function.


Published by the Spanish Journal of Podiatry

«The cushioning element of the plantar base of the hallux tends to activate the windlass mechanism early and thus improves the ratio of tensile forces in the plantar fascia, optimising thereby the propulsive phase of the gait»

reduces dynamic planter pressures under the first metatarsal head by


alleviating Plantar Fasciitis

reduces pressure on the first toe by


relieving pain down the joint